The Yellow Gloves

I envisioned The Yellow Gloves as a positive space to explore and chronicle the world, share opinions and highlight people’s diversity.

To celebrate the second anniversary of the magazine, I am excited to release the February 2019 issue. It is ‘tempo di #Carnevale’ (Carnival time), hence it comes as no surprise this dainty Rococo lady who ushers us to this new issue.
As you read this new issue, I hope you will be able to find some respite from the snow of these weeks in Toronto. Blessed those of you who will leaf through its pageswithin a much more radiant and warmer scenario. In other words, the new Yellow Gloves is finally out, so don’t miss it –> February 2019 issue

TYG Feb 019 cover.png

The Yellow Gloves© is an online magazine that publishes contributions from around the world about the Arts (opera, ballet, cinema, art exhibitions), Design (interior design, fashion, jewelry), Books and Literature (new books, book reviews, best-sellers) and Travels (cities, museums, festivals, people, traditions, food-related events).

The Yellow Gloves was first created to provide readers with a first-hand point of view on art-related, social and cultural events. The title of the magazine is a tribute to Wilde and Beardsley’s The Yellow Book.

The Yellow Gloves Cover.png


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