Friends are a unique and irreplaceable entity that makes you feel solid and rooted, even during the most tempestuous circumstances.

To me, my friends have represented the very reason why, although away from home, I always feel at home, wherever I reside, whenever they are next to me.

In a way, I think I learnt that there is no home, but just places where people make you feel happy and at home.

Many of us decided to leave their own country for different reasons (a job opportunity, discrimination, love, desire to escape and explore) – mine was to pursue a Ph.D. – but the friends’ network  that one creates becomes the balm to difficult moments and the delightful icing to joyful events.

* * * * *

Here I would like to share with you some stories of parties, gatherings, strolls, departures, marriages and much more that turn the life of those who live abroad into a flavourful and rewarding matter.

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