Facta, non verba [acts, not words] the Latins used to say, a motto that can easily become Esca, non verba (food, not prattle) for Italians.

Yes, we like our cuisine and many of us love cooking.

Our grandmothers are excellent cooks, our moms always know the secret to make it work (even if you have two eggs and a pear in the refrigerator), our fathers turn out to be eclectic chefs.

Many preach the benefits of the Italian diet, others praise our healthy ‘bread and butter’ in the form of bread, rosemary and olive oil.

Cooking to me is a way to clear my mind and apply myself in a field that is far from any kind of byzantine lucubrations.

I hereby intend to share with you some of my favourite recipes, some dishes I love to cook, some tips for small and large parties, as I adore to host at my place.
Having friends over, sharing a chat, a glass of wine and some homemade food is a staple in my culture. As it was for the Greeks: the guest is sacred to the gods and is a gift from Zeus; you never leave her/him at the door and with her/him you share what you have.

So, sit back and stay tuned for the next story about ladles, bone china, food and feasts.

A new recipe for a delicious meal:

• Would you like to prepare a fancy dinner or a quick lunch with some holy cloaks, or capesante – scallops? Have a look here –> Capesante


• How to marry rice and mushrooms –> Risotto ai funghi





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