Where it all began…

There are many ways to start a journey.

I like to think that mine began when I was born in a city built on water, where canals are its wavy, unpaved streets and boats and human feet the most-used means of transportation. A city where time is still tallied by the sound of belfries and the loud screeches of the seagulls.

My journey soon continued over a much larger pond, beyond the Atlantic Ocean, when I landed in Canada in 2012.

I would like these virtual pages to be my way to recount and chronicle that journey and tell you how a European lives in what, for many reasons, still feels like the New World.

New as in the most colourful, wondrous and vibrant way that I have ever experienced so far in my life.


Call to mind from whence ye sprang:
Ye were not form’d to live the life of brutes,
But virtue to pursue and knowledge high… — Dante Alighieri, Inferno xxvi

venice mappa



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